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Macrame Pacifier Clip


Introducing our Macrame Pacifier Clip with a natural beechwood clip cover, the perfect accessory for keeping your baby's pacifier within reach in a convenient and stylish way. Crafted from high-quality natural cotton and an all natural, sustainable beechwood clip cover, this macrame pacifier clip offers both functionality and a stylish design!

Key Features:

  1. Quality Natural Cotton: Our pacifier clip is made from soft and durable natural cotton, providing a pleasant touch against your baby's skin. It is safe and non-toxic, ensuring the comfort of your little one.
  2. Beechwood Clip Cover: The beechwood clip is sturdy, resilient, and free from harmful chemicals. It securely fastens the pacifier while adding a natural and aesthetic touch to the pacifier clip.
  3. Elegant Macrame Design: The pacifier clip features a beautiful macrame pattern, adding a stylish element to the overall look. It is both functional and decorative, effortlessly complementing your baby's outfits.
  4. Practical and Functional: The pacifier clip keeps the pacifier clean and within easy reach. It can also be used to attach toys or teething rings, preventing them from getting lost or dropped.
  5. Secure: The clip is equipped with gentle teeth that securely attach to your baby's clothing without causing damage. 
  6. Easy to Clean: In case of dirt or spills, simply hand wash the pacifier clip with mild soap and warm water. Be sure to dry it thoroughly before use.

Offer your baby the best of both worlds - functionality and style - with our natural cotton Macrame Pacifier Clip. Crafted with quality materials and prioritizing your baby's safety, this accessory will be a practical and fashionable companion for your little one.