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Our founder, was raised in Canada, but was born to a British mother and a Persian father; Her husband is of Trinidadian and Grenadian descent, and their children, a wonderful combination of these cultures and colours.

As a working Mother of two young girls, self-care has become an essential part of our founder’s routine. Being surrounded by toxic and chemical-abundant products that also pollute the planet, it became her mission to find a self-care solution that involved clean, natural, and sustainable products.

Through passion for creating all things beautiful and a want to promote self-care, to help calm, restore, and maintain our personal beauty (inside and out), London Rose was born.

London Rose offers a line of natural self-care solutions, that respects our strong desire to help preserve the planet, in the most beautiful packaging, Most of our products are biodegradable and are made from sustainable materials. Our packaging was carefully and thoughtfully designed so that our products could not only be used as a personal self-care indulgence, but also as the perfect gift. In today’s climate, encouraging others to give the gift of self-care, has become part of our mission.

We hope that our line makes you feel like the most beautiful version of you!